Friday, October 24, 2008


When my former roommate and I were poor recent college grads, we lived on three things: popcorn, peanuts in their shells, and the "Red Cheese" as we called it. I don't even know what it was- gouda maybe, but every time my mom came to visit she brought the red cheese, which she lovingly purchased at Costco. We would sit and watch Paradise Hotel on our little TV and eat layer after layer of that thing. 
We've since upgraded to higher end cheese purveyors, Artisanal being one of them. It is the only restaurant worth going to in the East 30's (Les Halles too, I think, though I have never been, despite my Anthony Bourdain love.) You leave there smelling like cheese, but it is worth it for the French Onion Soup and the cheese plate, followed by some fondue. Clearly I need to have my cholesterol checked.

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Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love cheese!