Monday, January 12, 2009

The Bowery

For my first 'NYC neighborhoods' post I decided to start in the Bowery...that stretch that is sort of Soho/E.Village and 3rd ave but really not. I went to the last day of the
Elizabeth Peyton show in the snow on Saturday. I hate to admit it but it was also my first visit to the New Museum!
I was really, really surprised by how small her works are. (That is not a self portrait, sadly I am short! And blond.) I've only seen pics and thought they would be large.  I really like her use of color in the paintings (intense greens against sharp reds and lavender), but I prefer her works on paper to her paintings. 
A couple more Bowery posts to come!


adesignaffair said...

You are so good - I love these. Teh negative white space of the museum really makes the painting pop!

Who Sees the Seven said...

I think this new concept is faaaaantastic for the new year. Looking forward to seeing all of the neighborhoods you go to; which means you MUST come out to BK and visit me. For inspiration of course.