Monday, February 9, 2009

John Derian

Off the Bowery on East 2nd Street is John Derian. I swear that from now on any time I need any sort of gift I am going there. It is so well curated, and so full of little treasures. He carries his own line of furniture and decoupage, as well as Hugo Guinness art and some pieces by Leanne Shapton, a very clever and witty illustrator who is one of my favorites. Above is the decoupage tray I was most drawn to (of course!) 
After John Derian I walked over to Veniero's, an old school Italian Pastry shop on E. 11th street. They have the best cheesecake in the city, I think. It's been around forever- I don't like to admit how often I went when I briefly lived in the East Village!

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