Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I was thrilled to see that Michelle Obama chose Isabel Toledo to design her inauguration ensemble. Isabel Toledo and her husband Ruben are my heroes of the fashion world. Isabel is an incredible designer, and Ruben is the best fashion illustrator of our time. They have a great story. They met as teenagers in NJ and have been collaborating ever since. Actually in High School, she was dating his brother. I learned this little fact and many others when I heard them speak at FIT, which was truly the best lecture I have ever been to. They were as witty and charming as I expected them to be. I even raised my hand and asked Ruben some inane question just to interact with them!

A couple of months ago, I was walking through midtown with Chris, and Isabel and Ruben Toledo walked by us on the sidewalk. I whipped my head around and back to Chris and said "DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT WAS??!" Of course he probably expected me to say it was some actor or some traditional celebrity. But no, I was THAT excited to have a brush with Isabel and Ruben Toledo, who by the way looked impeccable as always.


adesignaffair said...

I was thinking the SAME thing when everyone is talking about Michelle Obama's Isabel Toledo dress. I had the opportunity to hear her speak on a panel and she is just as put together and elegant as her designs!

victoria thorne said...

this is quite have a charming way with a brush.

look forward to following you work!